Kendo Repair


Our expert craftsman can give you the best possible advice on what would be the wiser option. To get a free quote, please send us the pictures of the damaged parts via the form below or email.

Expected repair time

Kote Hole Patching... 1 business day
Kote Palm Replacement... 2-7 business days

The Repair Process

1. Before sending your item, please fill out the form below to get a free quote and the expected repair time.
2. Please print out the quote and pack with your item into the box and ship to
    Unit28, 8980 Fraserwood Ct, Burnaby BC Canada V5J5H7
3. Once we receive your item, we will give you an email with a final quote and the payment information.
4. After the payment is confirmed, we will begin repairs.
5. Complete! The tracking number will be provided.

Feel free to email at if you have any questions about our repair services!