BUDO OMAMORI Victory Luck Charm [White]

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Katori Jingu <香取神宮>

This Omamori is from Katori Jingu, a shrine located in the city of Katori, Japan. The enshrined deity of Katori Jingu is “Futsunushi no Okami” who is said to glorify the strength of swords, and has been seen as a god of martial arts and victory down the ages. In Japanese mythology, Futsunushi no Okami helped to prepare the rulership of ancient Japan with Takemikazuchi-no-Okami.

What is Omamori?

Omamori is a Japanese traditional charm that gives you a luck and protection. People carry it in a purse, tie to a backpack or hang in a car. Omamori is said to be more effective when it is given as a gift by someone with a wish of luck.
Do not open the cloth! Omamori should never be opened to maintain its power.