Japanese White Oak Bokuto Set

  • Model: KB_003_SET
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The white oak Bokuto is made from Japanese Shirokashi', where the grain is more compressed than red oak wood which results in a more hard, tough, durable Bokuto with minimum twistage.

Made in Japan

MATERIAL Japanese White Oak - Shirakashi
SIZE Length(Short) : 1.6shaku, 54.5cm, 21.6in (Standard Kodachi)
Length(Long) : 101.5cm, 40in (Standard Daito)
WEIGHT Short : Approx 320g, 11.3oz
Long : Approx 550g, 19.4oz

by Alyssa Michaud

You won't find a better price anywhere for Japanese-made bokuto. This set is well-shaped, sturdy, and shows no signs of warping. The finish left a little to be desired, but this can easily be remedied by sandpaper, oil, and a little effort. This is a middleweight bokuto, not as heavy as some, but by no means flimsy like cheaply-made bokuto. Warmly recommended.