MS-4 Kendo Bogu Combination Set

  • Model: KBS_003
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Looking for a spare Bogu Set or are you looking for your first bogu set to get you started on your kendo journey? This set comes with a quality Bogu Set, a bogu bag, shinai bag, and a hakama and gi!

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by Todd Watson

I have 8 months experience in Kendo. This is my first bogu, so I don't have anything to compare with. That being said, I am glad that I bought this bogu combination set. I was very impressed with the quality. Everything I have purchased from Aoi has been top notch. I couldn't tell the difference between the FD-4mm and MS-4mm so for me this is the best value. I really shopped around for weeks for a bogu set and for the price this absolutely cannot be beat.