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Deluxe Indigo-Dyed Single Layered Kendo Gi & Deluxe Tetron Hakama Set
The Deluxe Single Layered Kendo Gi is comprised of 100% cotton which ,although very thick, will ha...
List Price: $174.00Our Price: $116.00You Save: $58.00

Koto-style Madake Shinai "IEMITSU" (Bamboo Only)
Iemitsu High Quality Koto Style shinai The Iemitsu Shinai is a solid choice for those that want...
List Price: $79.00Our Price: $64.00You Save: $15.00

Large Handle Dobari-style Shinai "IESHIGE" (Bamboo Only)
Ieshige Large Grip Dobari Tournament shinai The Ieshige Shinai is the most balanced dobari Sh...
List Price: $64.00Our Price: $55.00You Save: $9.00

Instock FD-2 Machine-stitched Kendo Bogu Set
FD-2mm Bogu Set The FD-2 Machine Stitched Kendo Bogu Set is our top of the line offering fo...
List Price: $1,630.00Our Price: $949.00You Save: $681.00

Instock FD-4 Machine-stitched Kendo Bogu Set
Our best cost/performance bogu If you are deciding on purchasing the best cost/performance bogu...
List Price: $1,040.00Our Price: $820.00You Save: $220.00

Standard Yamato Kendo Bogu Do
Aoiís Standard Yamato Do is not your run of the mill Do. We are pleased to offer the same quali...
List Price: $459.00Our Price: $359.00You Save: $100.00

FD-4mm Kendo Bogu Men
The 4mm Kendo Men is Aoiís answer for a dependable and superior Men in the machine stitched catego...
List Price: $398.00Our Price: $250.00You Save: $148.00

Tokujo Kago Koshirae Iaito
Select Craftmanship and Beauty! Identical to the Kago Koshirae Iaito, in overall shape; the...
List Price: $1,060.00Our Price: $842.00You Save: $218.00

Shinsakuto (Genuine live blade)
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