[Instock(Sharp-edged Blade)] Carbon Steel Katana Sword Gin Hata Koshirae(2.45 Shaku/9.5 Sun)

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Aoi Budogu is ecstatic to add yet another high quality cutting blade to our katana lineup. This blade has been tried and tested to cut everything that gets in its way. The Sori (Blade curvature) is specially crafted to create leverage in order to perform the smoothest and cleanest cuts. That in combination with the choice of traditional and our top selling Koshirae (fittings), assures that you will get the best of both appearance and functionality. The blade may be ordered with or without a Bo-Hi (Blood Groove) in the genuine forged 1095 grade Carbon Steel. This blade has a 0.95% Carbon content and 0.4% Manganese. The 1095 Carbon Steel is very solid and holds an edge well. The hamon pattern is done in the same process as the traditional Shinsakuto liveblade, clay to protect the edge and quenched in water to temper the mune or spine of the sword. The hardness of the Carbon Steel measures at an impressive HRC 62°on the Rockwell Scale. The perfect combination of the hardness of the carbon steel, and the increased Sori (curvature of the blade), enables this high quality blade to easily cut through tatami straw mats or bamboo for Tameshigiri or Batto-do.

TOSHIN LENGH 2.45 Shaku (74cm, 29.2")
HAMON Gunome with Hi
TSUBA Karashishi Sukashi
HABAKI Ibushi (Antique Copper)
TSUKAMAKI/SAGEO Black Cotton / Black Cotton
TSUKA LENGTH 9.5 Sun (29cm, 11.3")
SAYA Kuroro kumo Ishime
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