[Instock Katana(Sharp-edged Blade)] Tamahagane Katana (2.45 Shaku - Tombo)


The flagship of our entire sword lineup the Aoi Koshirae

Aoi's signature Katana sword has won over fans with its superior balance, craftsmanship and intimidating presence. Now available with a live blade (Shinken), the flagship of our entire Katana sword lineup the Aoi Koshirae, is without doubt, a dragon among sheep.

Iron Folded 2048 Layers

Characteristically based on our longtime most sought after Iaito available, Aoi's signature Katana sword with the Live blade (Shinken) is now the ultimate luxury. The blade may be ordered with or without a Bo-Hi (Blood Groove) in the genuine traditionally forged Japanese Tamahagane Carbon Steel. This means that the hand-fired tamahagane is folded a full 11 times to produce 2048 layers (Twice the standard for other available Katana sword's). The higher quantity of layers provides more unique and mystical hada patterns, which defines and displays the craftsman’s experience and knowledge of traditional metallurgy passed down from generation to generation. Only the utmost skilled bladesmiths (Toushyo) and polishers (Togi-shi) can bring out the beauty and life from the Shinsakuto live blade. During the forging process, all of the slags and impurities of the Tamahagane are burned off and forged folded to an uncompromised strength with an extremely sharp cutting edge. The final carbon content is 1% and the hardness is an impressive HRC 58°on the Rockwell Scale. This high quality blade can easily cut through tatami straw mats or bamboo for Tameshigiri or Batto-do use.

Steel, Antique Finish Tsuba, Sliver Habaki

This specifically selected tsuba’s are created by our craftsmen by forging and curing through heat blasting and are the finest out of Aoi's abundant collection. The liveblade Aoi Koshirae’s habaki is available as either pure silver or brushed silver finish-highly polished towards the blade and subtly textured near the tsuba, tasetefully complimenting the overall antique theme.

The Dragon of Luxury

Our dragon theme for our signature sword can be seen in many parts of the fittings. From the large Maki Ryu design Menuki (Inset Handle Ornaments), through to the Fuchi (Handle Collar) & Kashira (Handle Cap). With an overall antique appearance in combination with traditional impressions of ancient Japanese dragons the sword is a functional work of art that gives the impression that it has seen hundreds of years of history when you hold it in your hands.

Premium Pure Silk Tsukamaki & Black Samegawa

The Tsuka (Handle) is 100% Premium Pure Silk, hand-wrapped to perfection... The silk hi-neri wrapping style is applied to our Aoi Signature sword. This process is completely done by hand of Tsuka-Maki Shi (wrapping craftsman). The Aoi Signature sword includes the option for genuine leather as an alternate to the pure Japanese silk. We have included this option for practitioners that desire more customizing freedom. Genuine rayskin is hand-lacquered (Urushi-te-nuri) to a semi-gloss finish. As we are proud to provide the Aoi Signature sword, we ensure that only genuine materials are incorporated throughout the sword. Our signature sword is wrapped with genuine black rayskin along both sides of the tsuka. Each and every tsuka pattern is that much more uniquely different depending on the section of rayskin used.

Premium Hand-made Works of Art.

Only the finest saya's we carry may be chosen with the Aoi Koshirae. Premium hand-made works of art, carved from traditional Ho-no-ki, and hand shaped specifically for one sword guarantees smooth drawing and Noto. The perfectly fitted Koiguchi is made from genuine buffalo horn, which will keep the sword securely in place even when it is inverted. Whether you select it with the popular Han-Same/Kuroro with a full and seamless wrapping of genuine ray skin suspended in natural Urushi lacquered by hand, or the traditional Sendan, Inro, or Tou-Ishime, you will appreciate the attention to detail and finish.

TOSHIN LENGH 2.45 Shaku (76.5cm, 30")
TOSHIN MATERIAL Tamahagane High Carbon Steel Folded 11 Times(2048 layers) (Sharp-edged Blade)
Hi None
WEIGHT 1294g
TSUKA LENGTH 8.5 Sun (25cm, 9.8")
HAMON Notare
TSUBA Katsumushi, Kin Katsumushi
FUCHI / KASHIRA Mino Ryu "Dragon"
MENUKI Maki Ryu "Sword Dragon" XL
SEPPA Copper Ibushi
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Note: This sword has a Sharp-edged Blade.

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